Digitizing Holly Book of Quran.

Alquran.digital is a non-profit project built for anyone looking to understand the Holly Book of Quran. The project is intended to transform the holy manuscript into a free and online resources and to provide a multi-language resource, therefore anyone can study, and comprehend. To maintain the integrity of the content this project uses TANZIL.NET resources.

Alquran.digital provides multi-language resources which currently is available in 114 translations. You can browse the Quran manuscript, save it (bookmark), and comprehend the meaning of Quran in your own language.
(*I started this project on 1st September 2017. The translation is adding)

Alquran.digital is based on TANZIL.NET project. The Quran text provided by Tanzil is based on the Medina Mushaf, narration of Hafs.

The Medina Mushaf (officially: Mushaf al-Madinah an-Nabawiyyah, Arabic: مصحف المدينة النبوية) is an authentic copy of the holy quran printed by King Fahad Complex for Printing of the Holy Quran . The Complex publishes the holy quran according to three famous narration, i.e., Hafs, Warsh, and Ad-Duriyy. The Medina Mushaf using a Uthmani script.

Browse Alquran based on Surah, Juz, Manzil, Ruku, Hizb, per Page of Utsmani Mushaf, or read on your language.